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Maldives National Championship is the official Maldivian football (soccer) league, organized by the Football Association of Maldives.

Every year, 8 teams compete in this high-profile competition, the top level in Maldives.

There are two qualification methods:

Zone 1-8 consists of the Atolls and the two finalists of Zone 1-8 Final Tournament and the top 2 teams of Zone 9 Qualification (Malé League, First Division) participate in Dhivehi league along with the 4 best-finishes in the Dhivehi league of the previous year.

Dhivehi League consists of 3 rounds of teams play round robin format. It runs through out the season in Maldives.

Dhivehi League - 2010 TeamsEdit

1 Kalhaidhoo ZJ changed name to Thoddoo FC.

Winners of League/Dhivehi LeagueEdit

Winners of Maldives National ChampionshipEdit


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