Championnat National D1
Countries Gabon
Confederation CAF
Founded 1968
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Coupe du Gabon Interclubs
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions US Bitam
Most championships FC 105 Libreville (11)

Gabon Championnat National D1 is the top division of the Fédération Gabonaise de Football, it was created in 1968.

Gabon Championnat National D1 Clubs - 2009/10Edit

Previous winnersEdit

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Performance By ClubEdit

Club City Titles Last Title
FC 105 Libreville (Includes ASMO/FC 105) Libreville 11 2007
AS Sogara Port Gentil 6 1994
AS Mangasport Moanda 6 2008
US O’Mbilia Nzami Libreville 4 2002
Aigle Royal Libreville 2 1970
Olympique Sportif Libreville 2 1972
Vantour Mangoungou Libreville 2 1977
US Bitam Bitam 2 2010
Anges ABC Libreville 1 1979
JAC Libreville 1 1990
Mbilinga FC Port Gentil 1 1996
Petrosport Port Gentil 1 1975
AS Police Libreville 1 1973
AS Stade Mandji Port-Gentil 1 2009
AS Solidarité Libreville 1 1971
Zalang COC Libreville 1 1974


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2007/08 Template:Flagicon Vianney Mabide AS Mangasport 11

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