Countries Angola
Confederation CAF
Founded 1979
Number of teams 16
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to Angolan Second Division
Domestic cup(s) Angolan Cup
Angolan SuperCup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Inter de Luanda
Most championships Petro Atlético (15 titles)
33px 2010 season

Girabola (or Angolan Championship) is the top division of Angolan football (soccer), and it is organized by the Angolan Football Federation.[1]

2010 GirabolaEdit

PositionClubGames PlayedWonLostDrewGoals for-Goals againstPoints
1.Inter (Luanda)30174945-2055
2.Recreativo da Caála (Caála)30167740-2555
3.1º de Agosto (Luanda)30149743-2651
4.Petro Luanda (Luanda)30148836-2150
5.Onze Bravos do Maqui (Luena)30139841-3048
6.GD Libolo (Calulo)30139838-2948
7.ASA (Luanda)301371029-3046
8.Kabuscorp do Palanca (Luanda)301110939-3343
9.Kwanda Soyo (Soyo)301191039-3542
10.Benfica Luanda (Luanda)301161334-3939
11.Sagrada Esperança (Lunda-Norte)308111128-3535
12.FC Cabinda (Cabinda)30891327-4233
13.Santos (Luanda)30891327-4233
14.Desportivo Huila (Lubango)30881431-4232
15.Sporting Cabinda (Cabinda)30741919-3625
16.Sport Lubango e Benfica (Lubango)30571828-5922

History Edit

In 1979, the competition's first edition was played. It was disputed by 24 teams divided in four groups of six teams each. Clubs from all provinces of the country disputed the competition.

In 1980, the competition was contested by the fourteen best placed clubs of the previous season. The last edition disputed by fourteen clubs was in 1990.

In 1991 and in 1992, sixteen clubs competed in the first division.

In 1993 and in 1994, the number of clubs disputing the first division was reduced to twelve teams.

From 1995 onwards the competition is again disputed by fourteen clubs. In 1995, the point system was changed, the match winner win three points, instead of two.

In 2010 the number of clubs was again extended to sixteen teams.

Girabola - Teams in the league - 2011 Edit

Main article: Girabola 2011

Relegated in 2008:

List of champions Edit

Colonial champions Edit

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Since independence Edit

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Titles by team Edit

Topscorers [2]Edit

Year Best scorers Team Goals
1979 João Machado Diabos Verdes 18
1980 Carlos Alves 1º de Agosto 29
1981 Maluca 1º de Maio 20
1982 Jesus Petro Luanda 21
1983 Maluca 1º de Maio 17
1984 Jesus Petro Luanda 22
1985 Jesus Petro Luanda 19
1986 Túbia Inter Luanda 20
1987 Mavó Ferroviário da Huíla 20
1988 Manuel 1º de Agosto 16
1989 André Desportivo da Cuca 18
1990 Mona Petro Luanda 17
1991 Amaral Aleixo Sagrada Esperança 23
1992 Amaral Aleixo Petro Luanda 20
1993 Serginho Desportivo da Eka 14
1994 Kabongo Sonangol do Namibe 16
1995 Serginho Desportivo da Eka 19
1996 César Caná Académica do Lobito 15
1997 Zé Neli Petro Huambo 12
1998 Betinho Petro Luanda 14
1999 Isaac 1º de Agosto 16
2000 Blanchard Benfica Luanda 19
2001 Flávio Amado Petro Luanda 23
2002 Flávio Amado Petro Luanda 16
2003 André Inter Luanda 12
2004 Love Kabungula ASA 17
2005 Love Kabungula ASA 13
2006 Manucho Petro Luanda 16
2007 Manucho Petro Luanda 14
2008 Santana Petro Luanda 20
2009 David Petro Luanda 19

References Edit

  1. Bravos do Maquis Seek Three Points In Girabola-2006
  2. List of Top scorers of Girabola Template:Pt icon

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