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The 'Suriname President's Cup is a Super Cup type competition of the SVB, Suriname, where the winners of the league and the cup plays against each other


The tournament began in the 1993 season. The first champion was the PVV. In 2001, the SV Robinhood won for the fifth time, becoming the largest tournament champion

Past finalsEdit

Season Winner Scorers Result Runner-up Scorers Venue Attendance
1993PVV 2–1SV Transvaal
1994SV Robinhood SV Leo Victor
1995SV Robinhood 2–0Corona Boys
1996SV Robinhood 1–0SV Transvaal
1997SV Transvaal 1–1 (pen)SV Voorwaarts
1999SV Robinhood 3–2SV Transvaal
2001SV Robinhood 3–2SV Transvaal
2002SV Voorwaarts 2–1SV Transvaal
2003SV Leo Victor 4–2FCS Nacional
2004WBC 5–0Super Red Eagles
2005FCS Nacional 1–0SV Robinhood
2006WBC 4–2SV Robinhood
2007Inter Moengotapoe 4–2SV Robinhood
2008SV Transvaal 3–0Inter Moengotapoe
2009WBCSandvliet Template:Goal (pen)
Kempenaar Template:Goal
Aroepa Template:Goal
3–0Inter Moengotapoe Andre Kamperveen Stadion

Number of titlesEdit

Club # Wins Winning Years
1 SV Robinhood 5 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001
2 WBC 3 2004, 2006, 2009
3 SV Transvaal 2 1997, 2008
4 Inter Moengotapoe 1 2007
FCS Nacional 1 2005
SV Leo Victor 1 2003
SV Voorwaarts 1 2002
PVV 1 1993

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