Yemeni League
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Number of Teams
Asian Qualification
Most time Champions
Al-Ahli (San'a') (10)
Current Champions (2010)
Al Saqr Ta'izz

Yemeni League is the top division of the Yemen Football Association, it was created in 1990 after the unification of North and South Yemen. It was decided to set up a 4-level league system: Premier, First, Second and Third divisions.[1]

16 northern and 16 southern clubs entered the top level championship in the 1990-91 season. Previously, two separate championships were used for North Yemen and South Yemen.

Currently, 14 clubs play at the top level, with four clubs being relegated to the 2nd tier. The season is generally run from early November to late June with the league winners entering the AFC Cup and Arab Champions League.

Yemeni League 2010-11Edit

Previous winnersEdit

North Yemen League ChampionsEdit

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South Yemen League ChampionsEdit


Yemeni League ChampionsEdit

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Performance by clubEdit

Since unificaton league only

Most successful clubsEdit

No. Club Winners Winning Years
1 Al-Ahli San'a'
1992, 1994, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007
2 Al Wahda San'a' <center>4 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002
3 Al Tilal Aden <center>2 1991, 2005
Al Sha'ab Ibb <center>2 2003, 2004
Al Saqr Ta'izz <center>2 2006 , 2010
Al-Hilal Al Hudaydah <center>2 2008, 2009

Total titles won by town or cityEdit

Town or city Number of titles Clubs
San'a <center> 10 Al-Ahli San'a' (6), Al Wahda San'a' (4)
Aden <center> 2 Al Tilal Aden (2)
Ibb <center> 2 Al Sha'ab Ibb (2)
Ta'izz <center> 2 Al Saqr Ta'izz (2)
Al Hudaydah <center> 2 Al-Hilal Al Hudaydah (2)


Year Best scorers Team Goals
1991/92 Shraf Mahfud Al Tilal Aden 30
1993/94 Muhammad Al-Azazy Al Zuhra San'a' 19
1994/95 Jiab Bashafaay Hassan Abyan 25
1996/97 Jameel Maktry Shamsan Aden 21
1997/98 Adel Al-Salimi Al-Ahli San'a' 20
1998/99 Fathi Jabir Al Tilal Aden 22
1999/00 Adel Al-Salimi Al-Ahli San'a' 17
2000/01 Ali Al-Nono Al-Ahli San'a' 24
2002 Adel Al-Salimi Al-Ahli San'a' 18
2002/03 Fekri Al-Hubaishi Al Sha'ab Ibb 13
2003/04 Yordanos Abay Al-Saqr 15
2005 Yordanos Abay Al-Saqr 16
2006 Fekri Al-Hubaishi Al Sha'ab Ibb 26
2007 Berhanu Kaseem Al-Hilal Al-Sahili 15
2007/08 Ali Al-Nono Al-Ahli San'a' 11
2008/09 Ali Al-Nono Al-Ahli San'a' 12
2009/10 Amboio Al-Saqr 15


  1. Unified Yemen

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